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Gazelle SG – Systemic Insecticide 500g

Gazelle SB is a highly effective, broad-spectrum, systemic insecticide. Ideal for use against a large variety of plant chewing and sucking pests. On label approval for use against aphids and whitefly with EAMUs for specific weevil species.  

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Gazelle is a systemic insecticide used to kill aphids, greenfly and whitefly in a wide range of crops and situations. Gazelle also has minor approvals (EAMUs) for the control of specific Weevil species in forestry situations.

Gazelle can be used for insect control on outdoor apples, pears, plums, cherries and ornamental plant production, as well as tomato, pepper and aubergine crops under protection. EAMUs for use in lettuce, soft fruit, top fruit, hops and a broad spectrum of herbs as well as forestry.

Key Points

• Targets only the pests actively feeding on treated plants, this minimises the impact on beneficial and non-damaging insect life.
• Systemic mode of action means that new growth remains protected after treatment and efficacy relies less on full coverage of the plant.
• Broad-spectrum control of a wide range of plant sucking and chewing insects.
• Control of honeydew producing insects significantly reduces risk of secondary sooty mould infections.
• Application of Gazelle should be made at the first sign of attack.
• Please refer to the product label for application rate data and maximum number of applications for your crop.

Early application should be made as Gazelle will have a lower impact on naturally occurring beneficial insects such as predatory mites and parasitic wasps, honeybees and bumble bees. Application should not be made to flowering plants and while bees are foraging.

Please check the product label for other crop specific application rates and harvest intervals.

Overall application rates based on 250g in 1000lt water to cover 10,000m2

Crop Application Rate Dilution per Litre To Cover
Ornamental Plant Production 5g per 20 litre of water 200m2

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Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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