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Mitak One Shot 50 mlMitak One Shot 50 ml
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Mitak One Shot 50 ml

Mitak One Shot controls a wide range of insects including Cyprus aphid and conifer mite in trees and hedges.
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Mitak One Shot insecticide is a non-hazardous, physical insecticide for the control of conifer mites and Cyprus aphids in trees and hedges.

Contains:        Silca & surfactants
Covearge:      50 ml of diluted Mitak one shot will treat 10 - 20 m of hedging (assuming a height of 2 m) when diluted in 10 - 20 L water

Key points:

  • Active against a wide range of insect species including Cyprus aphids and conifer mites
  • Suitalbe for foliar application
  • Formulated with an organo-silicate wetting agent - degrading rapidly into Silica and H20
  • No harvest interval needed, no residues left
  • Spray target until run off
  • Allow water volume reduction 

Advice when using Mitak to treat leylandii hedging:

  • Mites and aphid can be active in hedging from spring through to the end of autumn. 
  • Mitak was developed through a trials programme in co-operation with Reading University tree reasearch laboratories
  • It is a physical insecticide which is highly abbrasive to soft bodies mites and aphids. 
  • This non-chemical, phycical action, is extremely effective at controlling mites and aphids, whilst leaving vegetation unharmed. 
  • Treatments are recommeded when mites are aphids are active, typically 3 sprays through spring, summer and autum, or as required, when the pests are active.  
  • Ideally spray with a knapsack sprayer and drench the entires hedge, both health and damaged area

Crops that Mitak One Shot can be used on include:

  • Fruit - Top & Soft
  • Peas & beans
  • Vines
  • Tomatoes
  • Stone fruit
  • Glasshouses
  • Roses and fowers
  • Potatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Onion/leeds
  • Carrots/parsnips
  • Sweetcorn
  • Nuts
  • Cocoa
  • Sunflowers

Application rate - Spot treatment*




Spot treatment

50 ml

In 10 – 20 L water


*On spot treatment target to the point of run off.  Based on 50 ml of Mitak to 10 – 20 L water 10 – 20 m of hedging will be controlled (assuming a height of up to 2 m tall)

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use