Nemasys G - Organic Chafer Grub ControlNemasys G - Organic Chafer Grub Control
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Nemasys G - Biological Chafer Grub Control

Nemasys G is an organic product that will naturally control chafer grub larvae in grass and turf. The presence of chafer grubs is usually seen by rough scruffy turf being pulled up by birds & animals as they search for fresh grubs.

Available to order from 15th April 2019

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Damaging chafer larvae can naturally be controlled by using beneficial nematodes in Nemaysy G.

The Nemasys G nematodes enter the larvae and stops them feeding within three days of infection. The larvae then die within 10-14 days. 

The nematodes complete their life-cycle within the larvae, then enter the soil seeking more hosts, and so the pest control continues naturally.

Contains:               250 million parasitic nematodes
Coverage:              Pack treats approx. 500m2

Key points:

  • Contains the insect parasitic nematode Heterohabditis megidis
  • Larvae die within 10-14 days
  • Will not damage turf and is harmless to pets and wildlife
  • Harmful chafer grubs are most active August to October & adult beetles July to August


  • Apply when soil temperatures are at least 10°C. Check your soil temperature with a Soil Probe Thermometer.
  • Do not apply during drought periods
  • Nemasys arrives in a sealed cool box - can be refrigerated for up to four weeks
  • Remove fine mesh/ gauze's from spray equipment - especially in-line lance filters when applying
  • Add the nematodes to a bucket of water and mix thoroughly - do not allow solution to sit longer than 1 hour
  • Soil must be regularly watered to ensure that it stays damp for the nematodes to remain active - do not apply during drought
  • Cockchafer larvae have a three year life-cycle so annual treatment may be required

Application rate

 Nemasys G


50L of water


  • Good spray coverage is essential for optimum pest control
  • Apply a high volume spray to the turf to ensure penetration into the soil
  • Make sure all in-line and nozzle filters are removed

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use. Nemasys G is applied by mixing with water and applying using a knapsack sprayer or boom sprayer. Please make sure filter nozzles are removed before application