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SB Plant Invigorator 1 LSB Plant Invigorator 1 L
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SB Plant Invigorator - 1L - Unique Physical Insecticide & Fungicide

Unique triple action combination of ingredients for control of insects and fungal attacks on a wide variety of plants

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Unique triple action product that acts as an insecticide / acaricide / fungicide.

For use on all edible and ornamental crops

Concentrated professional formulations offer excelent value for money.

SB Plant Invigorator Professional works on a range of common insect pests, including: whitefly, aphid, spider mite, mealybug, scale and psyllid.

  • Fungicide activity controls powdery mildew
  • Works by a physical mode of action that is plant safe
  • Contains a unique blend of plant safe, physical pest control surfactants
  • For use on edible and ornamental crops
  • No harvest interval
  • No resistance buildup issues
  • Compliments the later release of biocontrol products or biopesticides

Usable in integrated pest management regimes and compatible with a range of beneficial insects and mites.

Robust predators such as ladybirds, mirid bugs, hoverfly and lacewing larvae appear unaffected. Bumble bees also appear unaffected.

For best results use a suitable nozzle - ask us: 0800 032 6262

SB plant Invigorator widely used by organic growers.  The material is sprayed onto the pest insects and mites and provided the temperature is adequate and the humidity not too high, the waxy coating on the insects is partly dissolved and causes the mite or insect to loose water so many die.  There are no unpleasant residues left on the plant so biocontrols can be safely released the very next day.  Other soaps etc can leave residues which might interfere with a planned introduction of beneficials.

Hand-held Application Rate

SB Invigorator 100 ml in 100 L spray solution

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Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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