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Sluxx HP Slug Bait 20 kg

Environmentally friendly and economical slug pellet

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Sluxx HP is a new generation moluscicide. A real alternative to metaldehyde pellets

Sluxx contains 3% Ferric phosphate which acts on the slug digestive system

Degrades into natural soil nutrients of iron and phosphate

  • High quality pasta based pellets
  • Slugs die within 3-6 days
  • No metaldehyde - no aquatic contamination
  • Recommended for all crops
  • Harvest interval: 0 day
  • No buffer zone required
  • No environmental restriction
  • Low impact on non-target organisms

MAPP: 16571

Maximium Individual Application: 7kg/ ha (7kg/ 10,000m2)

Upto 4 times per year in heavy infestations

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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