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Paddock Royale Fertiliser 12-11-18+20%S horse & pony fertiliser 25kg

Paddock Royale Fertiliser 25 kg.  A prilled compound fertiliser for horse and pony pastures designed to optimise horse grazing without the risk of laminitis 12-11-18.

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A prilled compound fertiliser for horse and pony pastures.

(Apply up to 8 bags/acre per season, see example below)

Discounts available for purchasing 11 bags or more.

Paddock Royale grass fertilizer

Paddock Royal contains the key nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium, Magnesium and Sulphur) - a great paddock fertiliser that is essential for optimum paddock grass growth. NPK = 12 - 11 - 18

Being a "compound" fertiliser, the separate nutrients are mixed together into homogeneous prills, all containing the identical balance of nutrients required for paddock grass growth.  As all the fertiliser prills have the same shape and content, the product cannot separate out whilst spreading, allowing a uniform distribution of fertiliser.

The product is supplied in handy 25kg bags.

Example application programme for Paddock Royale for season long grass production.

From early March - 2 bags/acre
May - 2 bags/acre
July - 2 bags/acre
September - 2 bags/acre (if extended grazing season is required)

Do not graze for at least 10 days following application, or until you can't see the fertiliser.

Pasture Management

Divide your grazing area into two. Fertilise and allow the first area to recover, whilst grazing the other.

Best applied via granular spreader, please view our range of granule spreading machines.

Soil Analysis

Although Paddock Royale will often address a paddock's fertiliser requirement, we would recommend paddock owners undertake a Paddock Soil Analysis, to measure the exact nutrient content of the soil. This inexpensive, mail-order soils sample test will allow our qualified experts to highlight any nutrient over or under supply that would affect grass growth or animal health. We may actually recommend you use less fertiliser than expected, but target a missing nutrient that limits your paddock's potential.

Require an alternative or bespoke blend? Contact us for availability and prices.

Analysis 12 % Nitrogen, 11% Phosphorus, 18% Potassium, 2.7% Magnesium Oxide, 20% Sulphur Trioxide
Application Rate 2 - 4 bags per acre
Coverage 2,000 (m2)
0.5 (acres)
Granule/Liquid Granular
Granule Size (mm) 2 - 3 mm
Longevity 6 - 8 weeks
Pack Size 25 kg

Hand-held Application Rate

Paddocks and grazing 2 - 4  25 kg bags per acre

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use

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