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Polax 0.5 L weed killer for lawnsPolax 0.5 L weed killer for lawns
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Polax 0.5 L - Unrivalled Weed Killer for Lawns & Amenity Grassland

"Turf out weeds with Polax"
Selective herbicide to control tough weeds in lawns and turf.

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A post-emergence herbicide for use on managed amenity turf, including lawns, and amenity grassland for the control of daisy, dandelion, clover, buttercup, ribwort plantain and other broad-leaved weeds.

Polax provides outstanding control of broad-leaved weeds including slender speedwell, white clover and creeping buttercup.

Controls tough weeds in lawns and turf

Key points:

  • Fast activity on broad range of weeds
  • Combines three powerful active ingredients
  • Rainfast in just one hour
  • Provides weed control down to the roots
  • Flexible application rates dependant on target weeds
  • Acts as a post-emergence weedkiller, best results will be obtained when the target weeds are actively growing and small

Application notes and guidance:

  • Apply to newly sown turf at or beyond the two leaf growth stage
  • Do not spray Polax three days before or after mowing
  • After treating grass with Polax the grass cuttings/clippings can only safely be re-used after the third cut
  • When re-seeding turf, the last application of Polax must be made at least 4 weeks before re-seeding takes place
  • Do not apply if turf, lawn or grass is under stress through drought or water logged
  • Do not apply during periods of prolonged cold or extreme dry weather, if night temperatures are low, or if ground frost is forecast
  • Best results are achieved when weeds are actively growing, and the soil is moist
  • Observe weed growth before application, as after prolonged inclement growing conditions weeds may be slow to start active growth
  • Take all possible precautions to avoid spray drift on to non-target plants including trees, shrubs and flower borders
Coverage 2,500 - 5,000 (m2)
0.62 - 1.24 (acres)
Contains80 g/L clopyralid, 2.5 g/L florasulam and 100 g/L fluroxypyr
Area of UseAmenity Grassland, Managed Amenity Turf

Hand-held Application Rate

Trefoil, clover, black medick10 ml in 2 L water
Daisy, dandelion, plantain15 ml in 2 L water
Slender speedwell, buttercup, spear thistle20 ml in 2 L water

Boomspray Application Rate

Trefoil, clover, black medick1 L/ha in 200 L/ha water
Daisy, dandelion, plantain1.5 L/ha in 200 L/ha water
Slender speedwell, buttercup, spear thistle2 L/ha in 200 L/ha water

Product Usage Calendar

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Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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