Pond Algae Treatment

Pond Algae Treatment

What is Algae?

Aquatic Aglae Types:

Algae is usually present in bodies of water, such as lakes and ponds, as a floating green scum or blankets of filamentous weed. There are many different varieties but they occur for the same reasons and they all have an ability to cause harmful effects by creating a monoculture, such as; de-oxygenation of water killing aquatic life and reducing insect availability for fish feeding  


Algae is usually caused by the combined effects of; heat, sunlight and excess nutrients (organic debris such as fish waste, grass cuttings or phosphate run-off from fertilisers). These usually occur to cause a perfect storm in July and August but can happen at any time when the right factors coincide.

How to Get Rid of Algae in Ponds and Lakes

  • Remove all debris such as leaves and grass clippings as organic debris settles on the floor of the lake and breaks down to release excess Nitrogen.
  • Take care fertilising and use zero phosphate products any time after April. Do not apply granular fertilisers too close or uphill of a water body because phosphorous that is not used by the grass will leach through the soil.
  • Apply Blanketweed Klear to kill off & control future growth.

Lake & Pond Algae Remover - Blanketweed Klear

  • Blanketweed Klear is an evolution of the previous product: ProCrystal. However it combines a twin pack of products to not only blast away the filamentous algae that combine to form 'blanketweed' but pathogenic bacteria to reduce the effects of extra phosphates in the water.
  • Stage 1 application involves spreading an oxygenating powder directly onto the blanketweed - this kills it immediately. Removal of dead algae follows after 24hrs
  • Stage 2 involves treatment tablets that are easily dispersed into the body of water to control and reduce future blanketweed growth

For more information on Blanketweed Klear click here


Why is my pond full of algae?

If your pond or lake is in a sunny position through a lot of the year, then it is likely algae will grow there. It is more prominent in bodies of water with a lot of nutrients.

How to remove algae from pond rocks?

You want to try to keep the water circulating so algae doesn't get trapped on the rocks. You can also try skimming the algae off the top of the water. 

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