Bindweed Control

Bindweed is a climbing, perennial weed, widespread over hedges, industrial, amenity & waste ground

Key Facts:

  • Common names: Bindweed, Field Bindweed, Hedge Bindweed
  • Scientific name: Calystegia spp, convolvulus arvensis
  • The weed spreads mostly by long underground, bindweed roots (rhizomes)
  • Reproduction from seed also a significant
  • Small fragments of broken roots will regenerate and spread, so digging up can be a counterproductive exercise andmake the problem worse

  • Bindweed

What is the best strategy for Bindweed removal & control?

  • A herbicide application with a glyphosate based, total weed killer is the best option such as Gallup Home & Garden (non-professional option) or Roundup ProVantage (professional option)
  • Optimum timing for controlling established plants is when plant flowers (usually June-August)
  • New growth can be treated repeatedly from 20cm of length, when among desirable plant species in borders
  • Full strength glyphosate products - meaning 360g/L (Gallup Home & Garden / Roundup ProActive / Gallup Biograde) should be applied at a rate of 5 L in 200 L water for 1ha (25 ml/L water in hand sprayer).
  • For carefully protected applications in flower beds etc, consider using a weedwiper (using a 2:1 solution of water & glyphosate), a Dagato Weeder or attach a spray shield / hood to a knapsack.
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