Moss Control

About moss

Moss is a non-flowering plant which thrives in dark dank conditions.

Moss control on hard surfaces

AlgoClear, formerly known as MossGo, is a biological solution for controlling moss. It can be used in a wide range of applications including tennis courts, timber decking and cladding, glass houses, block paving and tiled roofs. One application a year is usually enough when green algae is the problem, and less frequently kill moss.

A 5L pack covers up to 450m2.

MossOff Multi Surface offers clean, safe non-chemical treatment for killing moss & algae. MossOff Multi works quickly and provides long-lasting results on: patios, decking, roof tiles, garden furniture, astroturf...
1 L dilution covers approx 7 (m2).

Moss control on roofs

Moss, algae or lichen on a roof is a common problem, especially on tiles which are porous.  Direct damage can be caused when the mosses grow into the top few millimetres of the tile or wall, damaging the outer layers and allowing water to permeate.  Indirect damage is caused in cooler weather when the water in the moss expands, cracking tiles and allowing water to enter the roof void. 

AlgoClear is available in a 5 L and 2.5 L pack or AlgoClear Pro 5 L for professional use treats up to 1,710m2

Controlling moss in grass, turf and lawns

There are different ways you can control moss in grass, either with spreadable granules (through a granule applicator) or a sprayable liquid (from a knapsack sprayer or watering can).

Both product types usually have some fertiliser or seaweed added to encourage the grass to re-establish after the moss is controlled.

It is also possible to buy a granule moss killer with a weed killer added, such as Amvista Turf Rise no.4. Results from these all-in-one treatments are acceptable; however, we believe a separate spray application for weeds gives better results.

Sul-Fe blackens moss while greening up grass. It is easily applied using a knapsack sprayer or watering can with a sprinkler bar. Can control moss at higher rates.

A liquid option is MossOff Lawn which offers clean, safe non-chemical treatment for killing moss in lawns. MossOff Lawn is a concentrate made from natural, biodegradeable substances, it works quickly and provides long-lasting results.
1 L dilution covers approx 7 (m2)

Moss control in lawns?

Moss grows on lawns when grass growth is slow, the soil is wet, or there is high humidity.  Excessive thatch on a lawn also provides the damp conditions in which moss thrives.  When moss is present, it is often a sign that the grass in the lawn is not as healthy as it should be.

When found in a lawn, moss is a good indicator that:

  • Ground remains wet for long periods
  • Nutrient level of the soil is low
  • Soil is compacted and lacks organic matter
  • Grass may be cut too short or even scalped down to bare earth
  • Area is shaded from regular sunshine
  • Poor air flow around the lawn 

How to control moss in amenity grass (golf courses)?

Mogeton is a moss killer designed specifically for the elimination of moss (bryophytes) on grassed areas. Its active ingredient quinoclamine is absorbed by the green elements of moss. Mogeton must therefore be applied when moss is present and during a period of active growth. In addition, applying Mogeton leaves a surface deposit which inhibits the germination of moss spores and, therefore, its effectiveness is extended over many weeks. 

Amvista Liquid Iron is a 5L concentrate with added nitrogen and sulphur applied in variable dilutions it has a serious blackening effect at higher rates.

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