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Weed Control around Trees & Shrubs

Weed Control around Trees & Shrubs

Long Lasting Garden Weed Control - Weed Killer Flower Beds, around Trees, Shrubs & Borders

ProGreen have a wide range of the best weed killers for forestry, flowers beds and gardens. Our products provide safe and long lasting weed control around trees, shrubs and ornamental borders. Typically, these products are applied in the winter months and can control both weeds present and those yet to germinate.

Weed control usually lasts for 3 to 6 months, keeping garden flowerbeds and amenity areas tidy in appearance and minimising the need for costly and time-consuming hand weeding. All of the products below are safe for trees and shrubs where they have been planted later than the previous spring.
Please consult individual product labels for safety to each specific species.

Kerb Granules have been withdrawn from production and are no longer available, please use Kerb Flo or Propyz as an equally effective alternative. These are liquid concentrates which should be diluted with water and applied as a spray through a knapsack or boom sprayer.

What are the best Weed Killers for Flower Beds and around Trees? 

  • Kerb Flo Propyz provides long lasting, residual weed control in flower beds and around trees and shrubs. Good at controlling both grasses and broad-leaf weeds. Spectrum of weeds controlled can be extended  by tank mixing Kerb Flo with Flexidor
  • Effective control of autumn and spring germinating weeds. Usually applied between October to February.
  • Liquid formulation, which can be applied via knapsack or boom sprayer for covering larger areas.
  • The industry choice for weed control around Christmas trees and in forestry situations.
  • Can be used as a replacement to Ronstar 2G, which is no longer available.
  • Best control is achieved when cool, moist conditions follow application.
  • Safe on a wide range of tree and shrub species, please see product label for a full list.

It is important to apply only one Propyzamide containing product per year. For a full list of the species to which Kerb products can be applied please see the relevant product label.

Pan Isoxaben / Flexidor

  • An effective weed killer safe for trees and shrubs. Controls a wide spectrum of broad leaved weeds
  • Can also be used around various fruiting plants, vines and hops. For a full list please check the product label
  • Flexidor is often used tank mixed with Kerb Flo, complimenting Kerb’s weed spectrum. Giving a more comprehensive range of weeds controlled. This combination gives similar control to the revoked herbicide ‘Casaron G’ which contained dichlobenil

Clayton Apt / Chikara

  • Total weed control, both grasses and broad leaved weeds in flower and shrub beds
  • Best control is achieved when applied in spring before weeds have germinated

The best long lasting weed killer?

A very high level of weed control can be achieved when applying the above products in sequence. An Autumn application of Kerb Granules followed by either Clayton Apt or Chikara in the Spring would give long lasting weed control around shrubs and trees.

Alternatively for areas where weeds are already growing; an Autumn application of Kerb Flo, tank mixed with Pan Isoxaben (or alternatively Flexidor) followed by a Spring application of Clayton Apt or Chikara tank mixed with a glyphosate product would leave flower beds and areas around trees and shrubs weed free.

Residual / Long Lasting Weed Control Product Guide

Product Area of Use Controls Pack Size Area Covered Tank Mixes Safe On

Kerb Flo / Propyz

Crops (Please See Product Label), Trees, Shrubs, Ornamental Plants, Foresty, Farm Forestry, Forest Nursery, Hedgerow, Ornamental Plant Production Grasses and Broad Leaved Weeds 5 L 11,765 m2 Tank mix with Flexidor to extend the species of broad leaved weeds controlled Due to the vast range of plant species grown, users should check each product label to confirm species safety. Where there is no information trial a small number of plants first and avoid applicaton onto stems and leaves.
Flexidor / Pan Isoxaben Crops (Please See Product Label), Ornamental Plant Production, Forest, Forest Nursery, Amenity Vegetation (including container grown plants) Broad Leaved Weeds 500 ml Crop dependent, please see product label Tank mix with Kerb Flo to extend the species of Broad Leaved weeds controlled and provide controll of grasses.
Not suitable for weed control in containers
Clayton Apt / Chikara Hard surfaces (railway ballast only), natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, permeable surfaces overlying soil and amenity vegetation (around) Grasses and Broad Leaved Weeds 50 g - 150 g 3,333 m2 - 10,000 m2 Tank mix with a Glyphosate containing product to control weeds present at the time of spraying.
Use with a spray shield to avoid damage to desirable plants


Ornamental Plant Production: This includes all ornamental plants that are grown for sale or are produced for replanting into their final growing position. Includes seed production for ornamentals, forest nursery and Christmas tree production. This definition incorporates the previously separate term ‘Forest nursery’.

Amenity Vegetation: Any areas of semi natural or ornamental vegetation, including trees. May include parks, railway embankments and roadside verges which are predominantly covered in vegetation other than grass. Also includes areas of bare soil around ornamental plants or intended for ornamental planting.

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