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Ground care maintenance encompasses the activities and services involved in taking care of outdoor spaces. This can include mowing lawns, trimming hedges, planting and caring for plants, pest control, fertilising, irrigation, and overall upkeep. Ground care maintenance is essential for the health and appearance of outdoor spaces, whether they are residential, commercial, or public areas.

We offer grounds maintenance courses for you to enrich your understanding of how to keep the ground well-maintained as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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Many of our customers use large pieces of equipment, such as ride on mowers, on a daily basis. As a result, our grounds maintenance courses consist of a health and safety course to ensure that you are kept up to speed on recent guidance on how to use these pieces of equipment safely. 

Groundcare Machinery Maintenance is one of our popular courses in this field and offers you everything you would need to know.

We offer Groundcare Machinery Maintenance - Health and Safety (E-Learning), which covers health and safety when using mowers. Before beginning any of the following classroom-based Groundcare Machinery Maintenance courses (offered through LANTRA), this module must be completed first.


In this grounds maintenance course, the rights and obligations of individuals in the workplace with regard to health and safety are covered. Equally, it covers topics around groundcare machinery maintenance regarding mowers. These include:

  • Electrics
  • Hydraulics
  • Mower Setup
  • Mower sharpening

It also includes the information necessary to ensure that you can determine, prevent and resolve a number of common hazards.

For more information on this course or our other online courses, please contact a member of our training team on 0330 165 5568 or email [email protected].


Progreen offers a large selection of fertilisers, grass seed, moss and algae management treatments, and weed killers. Additionally, we specialise in offering a wide variety of sprayers, accessories, and equipment for applying granules. We take great satisfaction in providing trusted expertise, ensuring that our clients get the best product or service for their needs. 


When it comes to education and training, we provide e-learning courses in numerous industries in addition to traditional classroom-based instruction on the safe use of pesticides.

It's critical to select a course that meets the precise specifications you desire. We can help you select the course that's best for you by providing a large selection of foundational courses in this field.


Q. What do I need to pass this grounds maintenance course?

A. The assessment has a pass mark of 70% with 2 attempts to meet the minimum score.

Q. How many modules does this course have?

A. This course consists of a single module, which needs to be completed to access the assessment.

Q. Will I get a certificate after completing E-learning?

A. You can get your certificate after finishing your online course and passing all the modules and tests.

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