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PA4G&S Granule and Slug Pellet Application

Pesticide Application Training PA4G/S

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The PA4G&S units cover the use of Granule and Slug Pellet applicators.

PA4G (Pesticide Granule Applicators) covers:

  1. Identify applicator controls and components
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of preparation of prime mover and equipment
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of legal requirements and safety regulations
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of safe driving
  5. Check applicator for cleanliness and mechanical defects
  6. Check security of attachment of application mechanisms
  7. Demonstrate knowledge of lubrication of components
  8. Read and interpret product label (as supplied or approved by the Assessor)
  9. Part fill Applicator
  10. Select and calculate speed (if applicable)
  11. Calculate required output
  12. Set applicator to achieve required application rate
  13. Carry out check of application rate
  14. Adjust applicator to achieve the correct application rate
  15. Demonstrate knowledge of factors affecting uniformity of spread
  16. Assess the applicator for uniformity of spread/placement
  17. Demonstrate knowledge of calibration data to be recorded
  18. Carry out an environmental risk assessment of the application site
  19. Calculate, weigh and add pesticide granules to the hopper
  20. Demonstrate knowledge of accurate application procedures on site
  21. Apply granules to a given area in a safe and appropriate manner
  22. Demonstrate knowledge of: a) cleaning and decontamination of the applicator, b) the procedure prior to any repair or replacement of parts, c) preparation of applicator for storage
  23. Complete application record

PA4S (Pesticide Slug Pellet Applicators) covers:

  1. Prepare a pesticide slug pellet applicator for work, calibrate and operate it to ensure correct application rate without risk to themselves, other people and the environment.
  2. Use the information detailed on product labels to determine the approved uses for the product and its potential hazards to human safety, non-target areas and the environment in general.
  3. Carry out daily and routine maintenance of the applicator
  4. Carry out the correct procedure for clearing personal protective equipment and application equipment which may have been contaminated with pesticide

Please note: Assessments are held and invoiced separately to the training.