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PA6aw Safe Use of Hand Held Applicators in or near water

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£170.00 + VAT £204.00 inc VAT

The PA6A unit covers the use of hand held applicators, including knapsack sprayers.

Objectives of this training; candidates will be able to:-
1. Prepare a hand held pesticide applicator for work, calibrate it and operate it to ensure correct application rate without risk to themselves, other people and the environment.
2. Use the information detailed on product labels to determine the approved uses for the product and its potential hazards to human safety, non-target areas and the environment in general.
3. Carry out daily and routine maintenance on a hand held pesticide applicator.
4. Carry out the correct procedure for cleaning personal protective equipment and application equipment which may have been contaminated with pesticide.
There are a number of methods of calibration which the candidates may use provided that it produces the correct end result.

PA6AW covers:

1. Demonstrate knowledge of preparing to apply a pesticide in or near water.
2. Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of application in or near water.
3. Calibrate applicator.

Please note: Cost is for training only. Pesticide Application Assessments are held and invoiced separately to the training

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