Online E Learning Rodenticide Certificate Domestic & Industrial & Public Areas

Responsible and Effective Control of Commensal Rodents - Online Training Course
This certificate is a requirement for anyone wishing to work with and purchase professional rodenticides

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Introduction to Rodenticide courses:

This e learning rat bait course is suitable for people (not on farms) to qualify and purchase professional rodenticides & meets the standard requirements for the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU).

March 2018 saw the need for everyone wishing to purchase 300g block or 150g blocks of wheat based rodenticides to complete a rodent control course.

The course has been developed for those new to, or wishing to develop their skills further in rodent control. This certificate is also a requirement for anyone wishing to work in pest control.

What this rat poison course covers:

This rodent control course focuses on both curative and preventative methods of rat and mice control.
It teaches the learner the most efficient and safe way of controlling mice and rats whilst minimizing damage to the environment.

Rodent control course modules covered:

  • Why there is a need to control rats and mice
  • The biology and behavior of rodents
  • Legislation surrounding rodent control
  • How to carry out a survey
  • How to control rodents with non-chemical methods
  • Types of rodenticides and current formulations
  • Safe transport and disposal of rodenticides
  • Completion of documentation

The course covers rodent control legislation but it is also important that anyone working in pest control continues to keep themselves up to date with changes in legislation and best practice.

Course Information:

Course Length 2.5 - 3 hours
What do you need to do the course? Internet access through a PC, laptop or tablet
Re-certification period It is recommended that this is refreshed in five years

How to enrol on this course:

To enrol simply pay online and we will send our e-learning link via email. 

Please note that the course registration email will come directly from the Examing Board and not a ProGreen email address. This can take up to 2 working days due to course structure and registration processes.

When ordering this course please use your first and last names as you wish them to appear on your certificate.
Registering a company name may not be acceptable when purchasing rodenticide.

If you are working in an agricultural environment then you should consider the Rodent Control on Farms E learning course