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Turf Rise: Feed Weed & Moss Killer Turf Rise: Feed Weed & Moss Killer
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Amvista G4 Turf Rise 20kg (10-2-2+7Fe) - Feed, Weed & Moss Killer

Feed, Weed & Mosskiller combines three elements in one. Granule treatment for lawns & grass

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New formulation with increased Nitrogen and combined elements which will not only fertilise grass, but will also kill weeds and moss in lawns and turf.

10-2-2 +2.5 MgO +7Fe +6CaO+seaweed.  Covers area size of:  625m2

Feed, weed & moss control for all types of grass surfaces; turf, sports pitches, lawns

The highly concentrated Feed, Weed & Moss Killer allows for a very low application rate, meaning each bag gives superb coverage.

Contains: 10% nitrogen, 2% phosphate, 2% potassium +2.5Mgo (Magnesium)+ 7% Fe(Iron) + 6 CaO (Calcium) + seaweed +.562% w/w  2-4D + .562% w/w Mecoprop in a dust free, spreadable granule form.

  • 3 in 1 combining many essentials for strong grass growth and health
  • Magnesium and calcium which aid the absorption and transportation of other nutrients – especially Nitrogen and Iron
  • Added seaweed extract adds a ‘boost’ of mineral and micronutrients, boosts root growth and stimulates soil microbial activity
  • Combination weedkiller to eliminate common broad-leaved weeds
  • High iron content to blacken and kill moss. Compared with ‘similar’ products on the market that contain just 2 - 3% iron which does not kill moss 


  • Granular fertilisers should not be applied during periods of stress: drought, high temperatures, frost
  • Water the area with a hose if there is no rain 48 hours after application
  • Do not apply when grass is wet unless rain is imminent otherwise leaf scorch may result.
  • Avoid cutting grass for 3 days after application

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Analysis 10-2-2 +2.5 MgO +7Fe +6CaO +seaweed
Application Rate 32 g/m2
Coverage 625 (m2)
0.15 (acres)
Granule/Liquid Granular
Granule Size (mm) 1 - 2 mm
Longevity 6 - 8 weeks
Pack Size 20 kg

Hand-held Application Rate

Lawn 20 kg bag covers upto  625 m2
Lawn - Spring & Summer 32g per m2

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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