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SAS 90 1 LSAS 90 1 L
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SAS 90 1L - Improves Sticking & Spreading of Pesticides

SAS 90 is a silicone super-spreader which helps to provide total pesticide coverage of the crop foliage and stems.

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SAS90 acts as a super-spreader making sure that pesticide, insecticides and fungicides work to their maximum effect by achieving greater coverage.

Contains:     Organo silicone spreader

Key points:

  • Provides total pesticide coverage to the crop foliage and stems ensuring improved protection from fungicides, insecticides and increased activity from foliar acting herbicides
  • Can also be used with soil applied insecticides to increase insecticide movement down into the soil profile
  • Can be used to discourage the formation of dry spots in fine turf by encouraging water movement in top soils

Adjuvant No: 0311

Adjuvant Application Rate

Max spray concentration  0.05%
Example application rate 10 ml in a 20 L knapsack

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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