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Validate 1L - Maximises Herbicide Performance

Unique and powerful aid to get the most from your weed spraying and target difficult weeds

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Validate is a unique penetrating and translocating adjuvant designed to tackle the toughest weeds when used with a herbicide.

Penetrates waxy leaves and helps weedkillers achieve maximum efficiency in difficult weather or on difficult to control weeds.

Contains: 50% w/w lecithin, 25% w/w esterified vegetable oil, 25% w/w alcohol ethoxylate

Coverage: approx 2 ha (20,000m2) when used with products at the 200L/ha rate

Herbicide sticker, spray improver and penetrant

Key Points:

  • Used with pesticides: herbicides, insecticides, etc on a range of crops to control difficult weeds
  • Mix of vegetable oils and ethoxylates gives excellent penetration of waxy and hairy leaved weeds
  • Spreads spray droplet on leaf and speeds up rain-fastness
  • Improves efficacy and speeds uptake


- Shake well before use
- Add Validate to spray water before any pesticide
- Continue tank agitation during spraying
- Use at 0.25% of overall water volume except as mineral oil replacement where 0.5% is used

ADJ: 0500

Application Rate

There are two different Validate use rates dependent upon the pesticide it is used with.

Use Herbicides, Insecticides & Fungicides MSO/Mineral oil replacement
Water Volume (litres per ha) 0.25% 0.5%
70 175 ml 350 ml
100 250 ml 500 ml
200 500 ml 1000 ml

Example Application Rate

Spray Concentration 20 L Knapsack (based on 200L/ha rate)
0.25% 50 ml of Validate
0.5% 100 ml of Validate

Add required quantity of Validate BEFORE any pesticide

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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