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pHixer 5L - Water Conditioner with Unique Dye Indicator

Specialist water conditioner that changes the pH of hard water and turns it pink when the correct pH is reached

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Specialist hard water conditioner that 'fixes' the water pH between 4-5. Clever indicator dye turns the water pink when the correct pH range has been achieved.

Hard water can 'lock up' or reduce a percentage of herbicide active ingredients instantly. Excess magnesium and calcium makes the water 'hard' leading to limsecale in machines and utensils. PHixer dissolves the carbonates that cause limescale and make 100% of any herbicide spray available to kill the chosen target weed.

Key points:

  • Works well on herbicide, fungicides and foliar liquid feeds
  • Turns the water pink at the ideal pH
  • Does more than just buffer or block limescale producing carbonates
  • Use dilution rates then add 10ml in stages until water turns pink

Application Rate

Water Hardness Rating Application Rate ml/ 100 L
Soft 40 - 50 ml
Medium 50 - 80 ml
Medium Hard 80 - 180 ml
Hard 180 - 200 ml
Very Hard 200 - 220 ml

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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