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Doxstar Pro 2 L - Grassland Weed Killer Strong on Docks, Dandelion, Daisy and Ground Ivy

A selective weedkiller for tough broad-leaved weeds including; docks, dandelion, daisy and ground ivy.

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Doxstar Pro is an excellent selective herbicide with wide coverage, for treating weeds in grassland (paddocks) and amenity grassland.

Two strong active ingredients offer systemic long-term control of broad-leaved weeds while leaving the grass safe.

Grassland weed killer for weeds including docks, bramble, bindweed, nettle and ground ivy

Key points:   

  • Translocates to the roots for thorough control
  • Safe for grass
  • Coverage 10,000 - 20,000m2 (1-2 ha) per bottle
  • Rainfast in 2 hours
  • Boom spray application only
  • Grazing animal exclusion only 7 days
  • Two applications allowed per year at lower rates

Application notes and guidance:

  • Weeds treated: Chickweed, cleavers bindweed, black medick, bramble, dandelion, docks, nettles, plantain
  • Safe for pets once dry
  • If recently grazed or mown – allow 4 days recovery before application
  • Allow at least 28 days after application before mowing
  • Half rate of 1 L/ha can be applied in autumn, followed by 1L/ha in the following spring
  • If optimum time for application is missed - top/ mow weeds and allow 3 weeks for re-growth before spraying

    Sycamore Seedlings

    Many paddock owners realise how important it is to control sycamore seedlings if they are grazed by horses and ponies.  Some seedlings contain the toxin hypoglycin A and ingestion can cause a potentially fatal condition called equine atypical myopathy.  Although not on the label, Doxstar Pro will give good control of these seedlings.  Please note any extended grazing intervals if controlling poisonous weeds.

Coverage 10,000 (m2)
2.5 (acres)
Contains 100 g/L fluroxypyr & 100 g/L triclopyr
MAPP 15664
Area of Use Amenity Grassland, Grass Leys, Grassland, Grassland/Paddocks

Boomspray Application Rate

Broad-leaved dock, curled dock, greater and ribwort plantain, dandelion, field bindweed, stinging nettle  2 L/ha in 300 L/ha water
Broad-leaved weeds (as above) in long grass 2 L/ha in  400 L/ha water
Late application: Autumn followed by application in spring 1 L/ha in 300 L/ha water per application

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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