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Envy 3 L - Buttercup & Dandelion Weed Killer in Paddocks

Envy controls buttercups, dandelions, plantain and a wide range of annual and perennial weeds in paddocks and grassland.

A short interval between spraying (minimum 7 days) and returning grazing animals makes it ideal for paddock owners.

Can be applied to newly sown leys once the grass is established..

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Weeds Controlled* Buttercups, dandelions, daisy, plantain, cleavers, yarrow, chickweed, bindweed, clover and a wide range of annual and perennial weeds

Envy is highly effective on buttercups, dandelions, clover, plantains, chickweed and a wide range of annual and perennial weeds.

The short interval (minimum 7 days)  between spraying Envy weed killer and returning grazing animals makes it highly versatile for paddock owners.  

Envy weed killer is one of a few herbicides that can be used safely on newly sown grass., possibly within 8 weeks if sown in the Spring


Key points:

  • Envy gives strong control on buttercups, dandelions and other annual and perennial weeds
  • Controls chickweed in established grassland - better than fluroxypyr in fluctuating temperatures
  • Envy is one of a few herbicides which can be used on newly sown leys
    • Wide use period - Envy can be applied between 1st February and 30th November
  • Minimum 7 day interval after spraying before returning grazing animals
    • May need longer if poisonous plant foliage is present
  • No manure restriction - meaning manure can be used immediately if picked for use in garden and allotments
  • Rainfast in 2 hours
  • Long season approval for use - From 1st Feb – 30th Nov
  • Suitable for boom spray application only


Application and notes guidance:

  • In new sown leys apply to weeds which are small and actively growing
  • Envy will not control weeds that are not present at the time of application
  • If weeds are larger than ideal, cut back the sward and spray the regrowth
    • Allow 2 - 3 weeks after cutting before applying Envy
  • Allow 4 weeks between spraying and cutting grass to get the best effect of the herbicide
  • Do not roll or harrow grass for 10 days before or 7 days after application
  • Do not spray where clover or other legumes are wanted in the grass
  • Grass seed can be stitched in 1 month after application
  • Clover can be stitched in 3 months after application
  • Grazing can start again just 7 days after application
  • Use Envy to replace straight fluroxypyr on chickweed, where it is more effective in cooler conditions and at lower rates
    • Use before flowering
  • Optimum control of buttercups is before flowering. However uniquely, Envy can be used after flowering as well, giving a good level of control
  • Ensure all spraying equipment is cleaned fully after use
Coverage 14,973 (m2)
3.7 (acres)
Contains 100 g/L fluroxypyr, 2.5 g/L florasulam
MAPP 17901
Area of Use Grass Leys, Grassland, Grassland/Paddocks

Boomspray Application Rate

Established Grassland 2 L/ha in 200 - 400 L/ha water
New Sown Leys 1.5 L/ha in 200 L/ha water

NB: Timings shown below are for newly sown and established grassland. Grass grown for seed is 1st March to 30th November

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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