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HyGrass P Selective Lawn Weed KillerHyGrass P Selective Lawn Weed Killer
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HyGrass-P 5 L - Lawn & Turf Weed Killer for Boom or Spot Spraying

Grass safe weedkiller for lawns and amenity turf to control a wide group of problem weeds

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HyGrass P controls a wide range of weeds; creeping buttercup, docks, spear thistle, mouse-ear, chickweed, plantain, clover, dandelion, scentless mayweed & daisy - For the perfect weed-free lawn with knapsack or boom application

Spot spray troublesome weeds in managed turf, sports pitches and formal grass upto twice a year.

Weed killer for chickweed & daisy

Key Points:
  • Treats wide range of weeds and reduces incidence of dandelions & mayweed
  • Covers at least 10,000m2 per bottle
  • Versatile application for spot spraying or overall tractor spray
  • Best sprayed on new perennial weeds in spring before flowering
  • Suitable for use on new grass after 6 months establishment
Application notes & guidance:
  • First four mowings to be composted for 6 months before use as a mulch
  • Leave at least one day before & after application before mowing
  • Spray until foliage is completely wetted
  • DO NOT cut sprayed fields for silage if poisonous weeds are present, until all such weeds are dead
  • DO NOT use HYGRASS-P in fields in which clover forms an important part of the sward
Coverage 10,000 (m2)
2.5 (acres)
Contains 18.7 g/l dicamba & 150 g/l mecoprop-P
MAPP 16802
Area of Use Agricultural, Amenity Grassland, Managed Amenity Turf

For daisy, speedwell, plantain, creeping buttercup, spear thistle, bird's trefoil, chickweed, nettles

Hand-held Application Rate

Spot Spraying 500 ml in 20 L water

Boomspray Application Rate

Perennial Weeds  5 L/ha in 200 - 500 L/ha water

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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