Pond Weed Killer

Weeds grow everywhere, not just on dry land making aquatic weed control essential. At ProGreen we offer pond weed killers are generally total weed killer that have been awarded specific aquatic approval in order to help protect wildlife and the environment. One of the most well known active ingredients to have been granted aquatic approval is glyphosate. 

These weed control solutions only work, however, on weeds that are emerging above the water surface as once glyphosate hits the water it degrades which is one of the reasons it has an aquatic approval. 

Pond Weed Killer Equipment

When applying weed control to aquatic weeds we would recommend the use of either a handheld weedwiper or a knapsack sprayer. These both give you the ability to apply the solution exactly where you want it by either wiping it directly onto the foliage of the plant or spraying it exactly where you are wanting it to go.

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