Total Weed Killers

Total weedkillers are ideal for controlling all weeds on paths, gravel driveways, patios, non cropped land and amenity areas. Most total weedkillers contain Glyphosate, however, there are also Non Glyphosate options. Certain total weedkillers are even safe for Aquatic Use (e.g. in/around lakes and ponds) and others are used for Tree Stump control. Total weedkillers control the weeds present, but do not prevent new weeds from germinating.

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Long Lasting Weed Control

Certain total weed killers can also be mixed with a Long Lasting weedkillers to keep areas weed free for many months saving time and money from repeated applications. If you want to kill weeds in grass without harming the grass, you need a Selective Weedkiller.

Total and Long Lasting Weed Control Products:

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