Weedstick + (Plus) spot treat weedsWeedstick + (Plus) spot treat weeds
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Weedstick+ spot treat weeds

Handheld Weedstick+  a unique tool for safe, accurate and targeted treatment of common weeds in lawns, paths, patios and flowerbeds.


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A non-drift chemical applicator for precise spot treatment of weeds

Sponge head for even herbicide distribution without the mess or risk

How to use the Weedstick+:

Glyphosate is recommended for use in the Weedstick+ for total, non-selective weed control

Dilute with 1 part weedkiller to 3 parts water, e.g.: 100ml to 300 ml water

Unscrew the cap at the end of the Weedstick+ , fill with herbicide and tip upright, pressing the sponge several times on a weed to start the liquid flow onto the sponge.

Simply place it over the weed that you want to get rid of and press down to deliver a dose of approx.  2 ml of herbicide.

(It is not necessary to totally cover each plant completely).

Use Amvista Blue Dye mixed with the herbicide to see where you have applied the weedkiller

Use between spring and autumn when weeds are actively growing. Weeds are best controlled prior to flowering and seeding. 

Weed killer stick applicator

Benefits of using the Weedstick+

  • Comes with a 12 month guarantee
  • Diameter of sponge - 2 inches
  • Weedstick+ holds maximum 450ml liquid
  • Light to carry, easy and safe to use
  • Economical with no wastage – a single filling should treat around 75 weeds
  • Can also be used around trees, in row crops or grape vines where conventional treatment is tricky and for ragwort control in paddocks
  • No risk of drift onto other plants or soil contamination
  • Minimum water required
  • Spare sponges are available

Killing weeds in lawns

  • Ideal for treating weeds in new lawns, where it is often advised not to apply an overall spray

 Killing weeds in paddocks

  • Can be used to control ragwort at rosette stage – March and April - when the plant is in a vegetative stage with spring re-growth is set to start
  • NB: If grazing livestock are on the land where ragwort is to be controlled make sure the correct grazing exclusions are followed


Empty weight:                                    0.14 kg
Weight ready to spray:                    0.30 kg
Capacity:                                              450 ml
Handle material:                                PVC

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