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All Clear Extra 5 LAll Clear Extra 5 L
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All Clear Extra 5L - Cleans Pesticides from Spraying Equipment

All Clear ® Extra 5 L Tank is a spray cleaner and tank decontaminent specially formulated for cleaning tanks after spraying herbicides.

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All Clear® Extra is a liquid cleaner designed specifically for the removal of pesticide deposits and other debris, including oily substances from tanks, booms, hoses, filters and nozzles.

It is essential to keep tanks clean as this helps to avoid subsequent damage to other crops and plants. It is advised that all traces of herbicide are removed from equipment immediately after use.

How to use All Clear® Extra tank cleaner:

  • Finish spraying and rinse tank out with water as normal
  • Mix the required volume of All Clear® Extra into the tank with clean water and agitate
  • Spray over an area that hasn't been treated
  • Store sprayer away

Coverage                          N/A

Boom sprayer rate         0.5 L per 100 L of water

Knapsack rate                 50 ml per 10 L of water

Active ingredient             Balanced liquid formulation of sequestrants and surfactants

MAPP No                           ADJ 0003

Sprayer hygiene best practice

  • Always start with a clean sprayer
  • Before spraying make sure the equipment is clean and free from other pesticides
  • To avoid the chance of future damange all traces fo herbicide muyst be removed from spraying equipment (don't forget mixing bowsers, pipework, nozzles, filters and sumps)
  • Wash out sprayers immediately after spraying.  If contents are left for any period of time they may well stick to tank walls and make them more difficult to clean.
  • Check all sprayers are regularly maintained and checked
  • Always follow product labels and check product compatability if tank mixing.  Some manufacturers also recommend specific wash out requirements if their products are used

Hand-held Application Rate

Tank cleaner 50 ml in 10 L water

Boomspray Application Rate

Tank cleaner 500 ml in 100 L water

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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