How to Get Rid of Woody Weeds with SBK Brushwood Killer

How to Get Rid of Woody Weeds with SBK Brushwood Killer

SBK Brushwood Killer is a brilliant amateur use selective weed killer. This product allows you to tackle tough, woody weeds without causing damage to your grass, killing the weeds right down to the roots. Due to its amateur label it means that it is perfect for home garden use and can be applied using a pressure sprayer or a watering can. Instead of containing glyphosate, this SBK is made up of triclopyr which is a commonly used selective herbicide for woody and broad leaved weeds, making it an excellent alternative to glyphosate based weed killers.

What weeds can I treat with SBK?

There are a variety of weeds that can be controlled with SBK Brushwood Killer for example:

As well as being used to control weeds, this product can be used as a cut stump treatment.

SBK becomes inactive when it comes in contact with the soil, which means that you are able to replant six weeks after it has been used.

How to use SBK Brushwood Killer

Follow these simple steps to achieve the best results with SBK:

  1. Before mixing and applying SBK, ensure that you are wearing the correct PPE such as Ultranitrile Gloves and coveralls.
  2. Create a mix of 20ml of SBK per 1L of water in a pump sprayer/knapsack. (This will cover an area of 7m2)
  3. In addition to this mix, adding 5ml of Kplus+ water conditioner to the mix will help SBK penetrate the waxy outer leaf cuticle of difficult weeds such as horsetail. Alongside this Kplus+ helps to improve the overall result in hard water areas.
  4. Add in Blue Marker Dye to the tank mix so you can see where you have sprayed. This helps to make sure that you do not spray an area twice or miss any sections that you do want spraying.
  5. Once the spray mix is ready, spray the affected areas until the point of run off
  6. The ideal height to get best results when spraying it to have the spray approximately 30 cm above the target weed – this ensures good coverage
  7. SBK works by imitating the plants hormones that it is controlling – when the target weed is sprayed this type of foliar herbicide causes the plant to distort and leaves to twist and will be one of the first signs that the SBK weed killer is working
  8. Results should be able to be seen within 7-14 days depending on the type of weeds you are treating

When can SBK be used?

  • SBK can be applied on all weeds from May to October
  • If you are dealing with woody weeds the optimum timing to use SBK is June to August, but treatment can be carried outside of these months
  • Best results if using SBK for tree stumps is during the Autumn and Winter months
  • SBK can be used twice in one year on treated areas
  • SBK should not be sprayed when rain is forecasted or if it is damp, wet, cold or frosty Best results for spring weed control is when the soil temperatures have warmed up and the weeds are actively growing

Is SBK Brushwood Killer safe for areas around pets & children?

Once the treated area has been sprayed and dried SBK is perfectly safe for children and pets to go onto.  Before using herbicides always read the label and store out of reach of children.