Troubleshooting & repairing your garden sprayer

Troubleshooting & repairing your garden sprayer

Garden sprayers are designed to last for years and generally pump up sprayers are very reliable. However from time to time problems can sometimes occur, fortunately though in most instances a little bit of maintenance can repair the garden sprayer back to good working order.

Our trouble shooting video below takes you through some of the common problems that are seen with garden pressure sprayers and gives advice and some simple ways to fix them.

TOP PROBLEMS with pump sprayers

  • Blocked sprayer nozzles – Quick fixes
  • Pressure loss - How to find out what may be causing pressure loss in a garden sprayer
  • Kinked hoses – Overcoming these
  • Blocked internal hoses – Hints on how to unblock

As with all equipment and particularly used pressure sprayers it is vital to make sure that they are cleaned after use. Getting into good habits such as making sure you always triple rinse your pump sprayer after use and do not leave any weed killers or fertilisers in the sprayer, will mean it is more likely to work next time as well as extending the life of your garden sprayer. Ideally it should be triple rinsed out with water, pumped up and the hose, spray gun and any accessories flushed out a few times. Not only will this mean you keep your garden sprayer in working order, but will reduce the risk of forgetting the product you were using last time and potentially putting a weed killer onto a plant you do not want to kill!

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