Everything you need for controlling moss and algae within lawns and ponds

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Moss, algae, lichen and fungal control is a problem that many homeowners and gardeners will face throughout the year. Most people struggle with moss in lawns, as well as algae, lichen & green slippery growths on roofs & paths and are unsure how to control these, so you are not alone.

Moss and other algae like problems typically build up during wet conditions, often causing hard surfaces such as pavements / driveways to become very slippery and dangerous. 

If you need moss control and treatment, ProGreen is here to help.

moss control in lawns

Lawn Moss Control

Are you having issues with moss on your lawn at home or on your commercial property? Our lawn moss control solutions can help you.


hard surface moss guides

Moss Control on Hard Surfaces

From roofs to patios and walls, moss can grow on a range of hard surfaces and our range of products is designed to help control moss on hard surfaces.

moss in paddocks

Moss Control in Paddocks

Ensuring your paddocks are moss free is essential and ProGreen has a selection of products for moss control in paddocks.

algae in pond

Pond Algae Control

Ridding your pond or other bodies of water of algae can be tedious and difficult. Our algae removal products will make it easier. 

what is moss algae

What is Moss & Algae

Learn more about what moss and algae are and why they can be an issue for you and our expert advice on moss control for any place or surface.


Our Moss Control Products

Whether you are looking to effectively remove moss from lawns or clean it from roof tiles and driveways, ProGreen can provide the right product for your needs.

For controlling moss within lawns we have a wide range of options from Maxicrop Moss Killer & Conditioner a liquid form of control to Amvista G4 Feed, Weed and Moss Killer.

If you are looking to remove moss from hard surfaces, then we have many products that are ideal for this situation. AlgoClear Pro cleans hard surfaces allowing them to be clear of moss and algae.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is best to apply moss control?

A. The best time to apply moss control to a lawn is either late spring/early summer or later summer/early autumn.

Q. How to control moss?

A. When it comes to controlling moss it depends on the situation it is growing in. If it is growing within a lawn then you should control it using specific lawn moss control products. These usually contain ingredients such as iron sulphate which is used to blacken and kill any moss it is applied to. When it comes to cleaning moss from hard surfaces, we would recommend that hard surface cleaners are used.