Pesticide Training

COVID-19 Update: Training   While the measures to tackle the virus outbreak are changing on a daily basis, Progreen will endeavour to make sure companies & individuals are able to access the training they need while ensuring the safety of all participants. We will do this via a number of means including, but not limited to: physical distancing, regular breaks, hand sanitisation, minimal handouts & safety clothing where appropriate.

We are also investigating the use of technology to deliver elements of the pesticide courses to further limit physical contact and we will gladly listen to any suggestions or improvements to further ensure participant safety, while minimising any negative effects on the learning experience.

So for information on training to gain a pesticide qualification or 'Certificate of Competence', please click on the relevant boxes, below, or you can email us if you require more information.

A large part of our offering is tailored, on-site company training & updates – email us for more information about group bookings at your location.

Key to our most popular courses:

PA1: Pesticide Introduction. Requirement for ALL candidates 
PA6A/AW: Pedestrian/ knapsack application
PA2: Tractor or quad bike application
PA5: Boat-mounted pesticide application

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