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Amvista SquirmAmvista Squirm
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Amvista Squirm 10L - Non Pesticidal Worm Cast Reduction

Natural, nutrient answer to reduce worm casts on lawns, turf & greens

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The loss of Carbendazim for worm control has provided a new solution in Amvista Squirm

A non-pesticidal, nutrient rich product to reduce worm castings on turf, lawns and sports pitches; bowls greens, golf greens

Low levels of key nutrients that discourages worm activity near the surface massively reducing worm castings and offers a quick green up

10L Coverage:  5000 - 10,000m2 

Breaking News !  200L drum of Amvista Squirm now available. Suits commercial use and professional contractors. Contact us for pricing !

Using Amvista Squirm:

  • Spray when worms are active near the surface e.g. wet, damp soil during spring and autumn
  • Repeat applications every 10-14 days during peak season - but at the lower rate
  • Sandy soils may require re-application every 10 days. High water volume required (10 L covers 50m2)
  • Avoid spraying during drought or when the ground is frozen
  • Natural, nutrient based product - suitable for homeowners
  • Safe for newly established grass turf
  • Can be used all-year round on established turf

Please note. Amvista Squirm does not harm worms, but works to create an acidic environment which worms dislike. To achieve this environment, repeated applications must be made over a number of  weeks or months.

If more rapid results are required, or you have a commercially sensitive situation such as golf greens, we also have Purity soil conditioning granules containing tea saponins. 

Application Rate:

Application Method Initial Application Re-application

500 - 800 ml in 10 L water
(covers 50-80m2)

250-400ml in 10 L water
(covers 50-80m2)
Boom sprayer 20 L/ha in 250 - 400 L water 10 L/ha in 250 - 400 L water

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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