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Amvista SquirmAmvista Squirm
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Amvista Squirm 10L - Non Pesticidal Worm Cast Reduction

Natural, nutrient answer to reduce worm casts on lawns, turf & greens

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The loss of Carbendazim for worm control has provided a new solution in Amvista Squirm

A non-pesticidal, nutrient rich product to reduce worm castings on turf, lawns and sports pitches; bowls greens, golf greens

Low levels of key nutrients that discourages worm activity near the surface massively reducing worm castings and offers a quick green up

10L Coverage:  5000 - 10,000m2 

Breaking News !  200L drum of Amvista Squirm now available. Suits commercial use and professional contractors. Contact us for pricing !

Using Amvista Squirm:

  • Spray when worms are active near the surface e.g. wet, damp soil during spring and autumn
  • Repeat applications every 10-14 days during peak season - but at the lower rate
  • Sandy soils may require re-application every 10 days. High water volume required (10 L covers 50m2)
  • Avoid spraying during drought or when the ground is frozen
  • Natural, nutrient based product - suitable for homeowners
  • Safe for newly established grass turf
  • Can be used all-year round on established turf

Application Rate:

Application Method Initial Application Re-application

500 - 800 ml in 10 L water
(covers 50-80m2)

250-400ml in 10 L water
(covers 50-80m2)
Boom sprayer 20 L/ha in 250 - 400 L water 10 L/ha in 250 - 400 L water

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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