How to Get Rid of Tree Stumps & Woody Weeds

How to Get Rid of Tree Stumps & Woody Weeds

Controlling Tree Stumps & Woody Weeds

Ecoplug Max / Ecoplugs

Ecoplugs contain a granular glyphosate herbicide for the control of suckers/ re-growth on tree stumps.  Ecoplug Max kills the root system of targeted trees with no effect on the surrounding trees or vegetation.

Benefits of Ecoplug Max?

  • Ideal for safety in public areas – cannot be removed
  • Use all year round on freshly cut tree stumps
  • No chemical spillage risk or contamination of surrounding areas - useful near waterways, food crops, etc
  • Simple to use.
  • No mess, no liquids, simply hammer in

SBK Brushwood Killer

SBK Brushwood Killer is a non-professional control for brambles, nettles, dock, 'tough' weeds, woody weeds and hardwood saplings in grassland and non-crop areas. Apply from May to October (June to August for woody weeds) when soil is moist and the weeds are in active growth.  Allow at least six weeks between application and replanting.

SBK Brushwood Killer is available as a 1 L concentrate.


  • Liquid glyphosate can be used to prevent re-growth from stumps as well as spraying on woody weeds
  • Glyphosate is not selective. Spray will affect green leaved plants
  • Roundup ProVantage can be used for stump control at 200ml / 1 L water, or for woody weeds at 10 L/ha
  • Other glyphosate products include Roundup ProActive & Gallup Biograde

Icade is a selective weed killer for controlling woody weeds, including Brambles, Japanese Knotweed, Hogweed and Buddleia in amenity & industrial areas.

  • This powerful, translocated herbicide is ideal for controlling deep–rooted perennial, woody and invasive weeds.
  • It can be applied via a knapsack or boom sprayer, does not harm grass and can be used in public areas for the control of many difficult, problem weeds.

A previously used product in this category was Kaskara (MAPP 16757).
This product is now revoked from sale and use. Kaskara was a selective weed killer contains 2,4-D, triclopyr and dicamba. It was used in grassland for spot treatment of woody & difficult weeds; nettles, broom, gorse, thistles, buttercups and also sycamore seedlings.


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