Moss On Hard Surfaces

Moss is often found on many types of hard surfaces. Along with looking unsightly, moss growth on surfaces such as pathways, patios and decking can make them become slippery and hazardous to those who are going to be walking on them. On top of this we have products that are suitable to be used for situations when you have to clean moss on hard surfaces such as tarmac, paving, roofs and render.

Hard Surface Moss Products

There are multiple products on the market for cleaning moss on hard surfaces. At ProGreen we supply a range of different options suitable for those who are professionals and even home and garden owners looking to get their gardens back to its original state. One of our best-selling products is AlgoClear Pro which is an HSE approved biocide and used for cleaning hard surfaces without running the risk of causing damage or discolouration. MAC Hi Power is another extremely popular choice within this field of products due to its range of pack sizes - our 1L option is a great choice for a homeowner looking to clean a small area of patio/roof.

Equipment To Use With These Products

When cleaning moss on hard surfaces, we offer a wide range of equipment that can help with the application of hard surace cleaners. Whether you are a professional looking for a dosing box to make softwashing easier, or you are just looking for an overall kit that contains everything you will need to get you started with the process of cleaning moss on hard surfaces.

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