How to Kill Moss on Roofs and Hard Surfaces

While there are multiple products for controlling moss and algae on hard surfaces, the most effective  and safest product is AlgoClear Pro and the AlgoClear line of products. AlgoClear products are simply sprayed onto the surface and left to work in most cases.

These products are commonly referred to as biocides and are a gentle but effective way of solving the moss and algae problem. The use of biocides to remove moss on roofs, driveways and other hard surfaces is called soft washing. Prior to the development of soft washing moss and algae removal was done via a pressure washer which can cause significant damage to the surface being cleaned. Render and mortar were also blasted away and surfaces were left saturated with water, which under freezing temperatures caused renders and bricks to crack and become brittle. The use of AlgoClear Pro moss and algae killer removes this risk completely. Occasionally bleach based Hypochlorite products are used, again these can cause significant damage, bleaching colour and corroding surfaces. AlgoClear Pro only reacts with biological substances and so will not damage or discolour any material, sealant, coating or fixing. AlgoClear Pro is a water based solution and contains no solvent or bleaching chemicals meaning it will not discolour any surface or damage leadwork, aluminium or fixing materials. Unlike bleach based products that must be rinsed from the surface AlgoClear Pro is simply sprayed onto the surface and left, this makes for a much more time and cost effective treatment.