Residual Weed Killers

Residual weed killers (also known as long lasting) give longer lasting weed control by creating a barrier layer in the soil which stops weeds from germinating. Long lasting weed control works well on porous surfaces such as paths and as driveway weed killers, often keeping weeds at bay for up to 6 months.

Residuals are frequently mixed with a total weed killer which controls weeds that are present but also reduces future weed re-growth.

Residual Weed Killer Equipment

At ProGreen we offer a range of sprayers that are suitable for applying weed killers. This includes handheld, knapsack and ATV sprayers.

Below, we have provided a guide to our range of long lasting weed killers. Here you will be able to see certain technical details, when the product can be applied and where they can and cannot be used.

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