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Liquid Seaweed+

Concentrated organic liquid seaweed fertiliser, rich in macronutrients and trace elements. 

Ideal for grass growth, disease resistance, fruiting plants and vegetables.

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£10.50 + VAT £12.60 inc VAT

Liquid Seaweed Organic Fertiliser is an organic approved biofertiliser, safe for plant & turf health.

It is rich in trace elements and ideal for boosting grass growth, disease resistance, fruiting plants and vegetables.

British made product.


  • Apply as a diluted spray, soil drench or as a root dip
  • Agitate properly before and during application
  • Do not store diluted product more than three days
  • Wash application equipment thoroughly after use
Analysis Organic Seaweed
Application Rate See Application Rate Chart
Coverage 5,000 (m2)
1.23 (acres)
Granule/Liquid Liquid
Granule Size (mm) N/A
Longevity No
Pack Size

Hand-held Application Rate

Knapsack Use Boom Sprayer
New grass seedlings (4 leaf stage) 100 ml in 10 L water for 500 m2 2 L/ha in 200 L/ha water
Established grassland 150 ml in 10 L water for 500 m2 3 L/ha in 200 L/ha water
Top fruit & soft fruit (Root drench) 50 ml per 10 L water for 250 m2 2 L/ha in 400 L/ha water
Potatoes, tomatoes & other vegetables Please call
Flowering plants & ornamentals 50 ml in 10 L water (apply regularly during growing season)
Root dip 1 : 200 n/a

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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