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Year round paddock maintenance is important. Using the correct paddock products such as specifically designed paddock weed killers, paddock fertilisers and paddock grass seeds will ensure your animal grazing is optimised and protect your paddock grass against poaching, disease, weed infestation and drought.

Our soil analysis service enables you to see exactly what your soil needs to produce healthy, nutritious grass for paddock grazing animals. From the laboratory analysed paddock soil analysis you will be able to find the perfect paddock fertiliser for your needs; supported by our in-house expert technical advisor’s tailored fertiliser plan and advice.

Fertilising with paddock fertilisers is necessary to ensure grass continues to grow – these fertilisers are not only key for soil nutrition but products such as YaraMila Complex and Tiger Complete are fertilisers designed with grazing horses in mind, reducing the risk of laminitis.

There are a variety of paddock and grazing grass seed mixtures to choose from, all designed with grass fescues that are ideal for seeding paddocks.  The paddock blends also target certain paddock needs such as grass seed for new paddocks, grass seed for paddock repair and over seeding as well as paddock seeds for areas such as clay and sandy soils.

If you are wanting to control weeds in paddocks then our wide range of selective weed control for use in paddocks and grassland helps to tackle the weeds without harming the grass – these include popular paddock products such as Grazon Pro & Headland Polo. (For information on grazing animal exclusion periods, please see the individual product information).

The correct paddock maintenance equipment is also vital for paddock owners who wish to apply fertilisers, seed or paddock herbicides.  Equipment such as fertiliser spreaders that come in hand held forms or as a tractor mounted spreader & knapsacks will all make your paddock maintenance jobs easier.  Take a look at our wide range: