Tree Stump Killer

Tree stumps present a specific challenge - how to stop a plant growing when it has no leaves to spray? At ProGreen we have a few options available! 

Ecoplugs are a simple to use product that provide no chemical spill risk or contamination of surrounding areas. Holes are drilled into the tree stump where the Ecoplugs are then hammered into. Once they are in place, the plugs release the glyphosate total weed killer into the tree stump which will eventually gain control of the stump.

Weed Killer for Woody Plants

Woody weeds are hardy plants that can be hard to get rid of. They consist of things such as brambles, ivy and tree seedlings. Dealing with them can be tricky which is why we have put together a guide on how to get rid of woody weeds.

Equipment to use

There are various pieces of equipment that can be used to gain control of tree stumps. We would recommend the use of the Ecoplug Drill Bit if you are trying to input them into tree stumps. This drill bit allows you to drill the perfect size hole for the plugs to be put into. 

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