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Grass Seed With Ryegrass

At ProGreen we offer grass seed with ryegrass mixtures containing species that will help exhibit fast establishment in general. We also stock grass seed without ryegrass, some with added clover and even some with beneficial herbs.

Our Grass Seed Products

Our ryegrass paddock grass seed is suitable for a variety of different paddock/pasture situations. Here is an example of how diverse our range is. We stock various horse and pony mixes such as A1 Equine - Horse & Pony Mix for Overseeding, Amvista Horse & Pony Mix + Herbs and even A1 Equine Paddock Mix for Dry and Sandy Soils. Alongside this we also carry grass seed mixes that are ideal for use in cattle/sheep grazed paddocks such as A1 Agri Winter Sowing and Amvista Permanent Pasture Grass Seed with White Clover.

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