Around Water

Water can be an attractive and important element in a landscape and, like the land, needs special care and attention.  Our team of experts can advise on what can be safely achieved and we are able to supply the most suitable products to gain the best results.

For both aquatic weed and aquatic moss issues, we have By Problem help pages available to give you the best advice on what’s best to use in either situation.

When wanting to apply weed killers around water, it is important to remember that spray can drift and certain chemicals are hazardous to aquatic life, so care should be taken at all times and guidance on the product labels followed.  If you do decide you need to spray around water a knapsack sprayer with some form of spray shield is advised or alternatively if using glyphosate products you could use a weed wipe which is ideal when controlling weeds & grasses as it can target the specific weeds on the water’s edge.  It is vital when spraying around water that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and if you are unsure make sure you gain technical support from one of our BASIS qualified technical advisors.

If you want to control weeds in water then you can find more information on aquatic weed control in our by problem page.

We also offer training courses for safe application of pesticides which includes information on using pesticides near water and a course on operating boat mounted pesticide sprayers on water