Concrete Cleaner

Concrete cleaners are perfect for removing grimes and biofilms from an area. As well as this we have options that are suitable for cleaning more difficul stains such as rust or black fungal stains. Some of our softwash solutions are ideal for use in this situation, helping to clean the concrete and bring it back to its original state.

Concrete Stain Remover Products

ProGreen offers a range of concrete cleaners that can be used for cleaning a range of different grimes/stains from the area. Products such as AlgoClear Pro are ideal if you have biofilms or general grimes such as algae that you are trying to remove.

Black fungal staining is another issue on concrete that can be difficult to remove. One of our specialist cleaners called MetaClear is best suited to the job. The alkali gel sits on the concrete and allows for a controlled cleaning process of the areas of dark discolouration. Rust stains are also common on concrete areas and again requires a specialist type of chemistry to help clean it away. OxiClear is a gel-like substance that, when it is left to sit on the concrete, works at cleaning the rust stains away from the surface.

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