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Rust Stain Removers

Rust stains are a common issue on hard surfaces sich as render on buildings. When metal wall fixings corrode, small amounts can dissolve in water. The water will then run down the wall and then evaporate, leaving behind rust stains (typically a red/orange colour). To remove this type of staining, it requires a specific type of chemistry which is where one of ProGreen's products, OxiClear comes into play. Shop for rust stain removers below.

Rust Stain Removal Equipment 

The Disinfector Pressure Pump is a great choice if you are wanting to apply OxiClear, our recommended rust stain remover, through a sprayer. It has capability to cope with the gel-like substance and be able to spray it on to the desired target area. Alternatively, a pain brush or roller is ideal for applying this gel to the target areas.

How To Use Rust Stain Removers

The process of using our rust stain removers is extremely simple. OxiClear is an easy-to-use solution for treating metal and mineral stains on hard surfaces. It can be used directly from the bottle as it does not need to be diluted down. Simply apply it to the affected surfaces like wood, concrete and exterior walls using a paint brush or roller. Leave the gel to sit for 10-15 minutes then agitate it with a soft brush. Finally, rinse off the area thoroughly to reveal the cleaned surface underneath.

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