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Moss and Algae can be a challenge both on hard surfaces such as roofs, patios and driveways, and also on lawns and among plants.  Our how to guides below will help with methods of dealing with moss and algae plus using the latest softwash technology.  If you have any other questions on how to deal with moss and algae please get in touch today.


Since the reclassification of Moss as a plant, products for the treatment of Moss now come under The Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012. This means that only products that have HSE accreditation can legally be used for the control of Moss. To avoid breaking the law, contractors and private users must ensure that the product being used is appropriately approved.  

DDAC (found in AlgoClear and AlgoClear Pro) carries this accreditation but many others do not. BAC Found in BAC50 and Ultima Plus XP) DOES NOT carry this HSE accreditation. Any previous recommendations for these products should now be considered invalid.