Horse & Pony Paddock Grass Seed

Whatever type of horses or ponies you graze, we have a pony paddock grass seed mixture to suit your needs.

Types of Pony Paddock Grass Seed Mixtures 

We have blends of ryegrass grass seed and non-ryegrass grass seed, some including herbs and mixtures more suited to sandy or clay soil paddocks.

As well as this, we have grass seed mixes that are perfect for overseeding patches of bare ground which are common in paddocks.

Our Grass Seed Products

At ProGreen, we have a range of different paddock grass seeds on offer that are ideal for different needs within a paddock. Our A1 Equine - Horse & Pony (without rye) is extremely popular among paddock owners due to it not containing ryegrass which, if present, can cause laminitis to horses that are prone to the condition.

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