Vine Weevil Killer

Vine weevils affect a wide range of plant species but are usually found in ornamental borders, fruit and plant bushes and nursery-grown plants. Weevils can play several tricks to enable them to survive. They typically feed at nighttime and play dead during the day, so check for them with a dim light torch in the dark.  Grubs and weevils like weeds too as they provide shelter and food. Weevils will eat the leaves during spring and summer, while the grubs will eat the roots over autumn and winter. They tend to eat the plant's roots during autumn to spring, leading them to wilt and die. Vine Weevil killer is a successful treatment to control the larvae in pots and soil, the microscopic worms go out and hunt down the larvae by following CO2 vapours in the soil from their movements. 

Vine Weevil Killer Products

Progreen distributes biological pest control products such as Seeka which controls vine weevil larvae in soil and container-grown crops.

For more information on our Vine Weevil Killers and how to deal with vine weevil, check out our problem page

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