Landscaping projects need special planning for best results.  Many tasks will need undertaking and we are here to help at every step of the way. Firstly, before landscaping you may need to clear the area that you are looking to develop, you will need to consider what weed and moss control you need. We have a broad selection of moss control and weed control products so there will be something perfect for you.

Once an area is cleared and ready to go then wildflower meadows are a highly popular option for adding a burst of colour, as well as being environmentally and bee friendly with all of ProGreen’s wildflower grass seeds being made from British native plants. Lawns and turfed areas further benefit from having the right grass seed for the area of use whether that’s a fine turfed grass seed for a formal ornamental lawn situation or a hard wearing lawn seed ideal for family lawns, kids play areas and parks.

Getting landscapes established further benefit from a strong fertilising plan with fertilisers that can kick start lawns in winter such as Amvista GO, to Amvista New Grass Seed specifically designed for establishing new turf.  Once lawns are established then a general fertiliser maintenance programme should continue to be carried out with fertilisers such as classic feed weed and moss killers such as Maxicrop Moss Killer and Lawn Tonic

Certain training may be required if you are using professional grade chemicals for weed/moss control which we can offer.