Tennis Court Moss Removal

Artificial tennis courts can become a breeding ground for moss to grow due to its ability to thrive in cool, damp conditions which are typical on these artificial surfaces over the autumn/winter period. Not only can moss growth on a tennis court look unsightly, it can also be a potential hazard. This is due to the fact that moss creates a slippery surface which would be dangerous to anyone playing tennis in that area. As a result of this, tennis court moss removal is essential.

Tennis Court Moss Removal Products

At ProGreen we have a variety of different products that would be suitable for cleaning moss from tennis courts using the cleaning process called softwashing. One of our most popular products for this process is AlgoClear Pro. When applied to the surface, this product works to clean the area of moss creating a safe playing environment once again. Another product that is ideal for use in this situation is a product called MAC Hi Power. As with many of the products in this range, MAC Hi Power can be simply diluted down with water and applied straight on to the affected areas, cleaning the surfaces.

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