Paddock Grass Seed

Our paddock grass seed mixtures are blended for new paddocks, as well as paddock repair or overseeding. Ryegrass and non-ryegrass options are available. Ryegrass options are the most popular, being easier and fast to establish. Non-ryegrass options may be preferred if an animal is predisposed to laminitis. Herb and clover paddock grass seed options promote good digestion and animal health.

Grass Seed For All Paddock Types

At ProGreen we offer a range of different seed mixes that are suitable for different types of paddocks for example those ideal for horse & pony and cattle & sheep. These paddock grass seed mixes contain different species to help with things such as digestion.

Our Grass Seed Products

We have a variety of grass seed mixes to be used on paddocks and ones designed for specific needs. Our A1 Equine - Paddock Dry & Sandy Soils is the perfect mixture for dry soils where ordinary grasses may struggle to thrive. As well as this, we have seed mixes which include herbs, such as our A1 Equine - Horse & Pony (without rye) + Herbs, that help to provide additional nutrition and vital trace elements to the grass. Choose ProGreen for your paddock maintenance.

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