Amenity / Sports

Turf for amenity and sports situations needs to be highly maintained, ensuring it is hard wearing, weed, disease and pest free. All maintenance programmes for sports and amenity turf need to be economical and this is where our range of products, amenity fertilisers, amenity grass seed & amenity herbicides have helped across the country in a wide range of amenity situations and sporting grounds.

The range of sports grass seed and amenity grass seeds are mixtures designed to provide a fast growing, hard wearing and level turf.  Generally these are used for schools, sports clubs and complexes. For more specific sports, even higher tailored mixes are provided such as Bowling Green Grass Seed, Cricket Pitch Grass Seed, Golf Course Grass Seed & Tennis Court Grass Seed.

Fertilising in Amenity / Sports situations help to support the grass growth and resilience against the general wear and tear and are a key part of any amenity / sports turf maintenance programme. Correct use of these will also help to reduce the need for reliance on weed killers and moss control products. Progreen have a full support team who are FACTS (Fertiliser Advisor Certificate) qualified who can advise on fertiliser maintenance programmes for amenity grounds. Often there is further maintenance needed around club houses, on pathways and entrances too. If this is the case then a total weed killer may be needed. Moss control products are also available for paths, render and hard surfaces – why not check out our moss by problem page to find out more about how to get on top of this problem area.

Progreen also offers a wide range of application equipment and protective clothing (PPE) ideal for all amenity and sports environments underpinned by an extensive training programme for the PA1 Safe Use in Pesticides, PA6 Safe Use of Hand Held Applicators as well as various classroom training courses.

Here at Progreen we have a wide range of products for all amenity and sports environments for advice on any area contact Progreen on [email protected] or give us a call on 01778 394052