Paths / Patios / Drives / Roofs

Paths and patios are susceptible to a wide range of problems from weeds to moss and algae issues and often this needs to be kept on top of.

When clearing and cleaning hard surfaces such as pathways, patios, drives and roofs of moss and algae it is important not to cause any damage while providing long lasting high quality results. Progreen offers a wide range of moss control products to clear moss and algae from various hard surfaces  For advice on which is the best moss and algae cleaning product for you, take a look at our “How to Kill Moss on Roofs and Hard Surfaces” by problem page.

Applying moss control products could not be easier as they are simply sprayed onto the surface in which you wish to kill the moss and algae. Our range of lances and hoses can also make it even simpler - specifically designed for applying product to roofs, patios/paths and driveways extending your reach in those hard to get to areas.

If you are thinking of setting up a business offering softwash solutions for roofs, render and pathways, Progreen has the full range of equipment and biocidal cleaning products to get you on the road. If you need any advice, our technical team can take you through the equipment you need.

Weed control on areas such as gravel/shingle driveways can be achieved with total weed killers which are generally glyphosate based such as Roundup ProActive, Gallup Home & Garden and Gallup Hi-Aktiv Amenity – these will kill any weeds such as docks, nettles, chickweed & grasses that are present.  If you want to keep weeds away for a number of months then this can be achieved by combining a glyphosate weed killer with a residual weed killer such as Clayton Apt.

Please note that when dealing with professional grade weed killers, you will need to have training to legally apply the chemicals. See the training link below to find out more.